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Our Lord (Krishna vigraha) used  for ‘Nithya Pooja’ at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Dallas has reached  Dallas, after PunyaKshethra Darshanam at over 108 temples in India. To best of our knowledge this is the only Sri Krishna in the entire Western Hemisphere who has travelled through all of the Punyabhumi and acquired  this tejas (energy). In most of these temples, the chief priests did a pooja for Unnikrishna (baby krishna) and in may temples like Badrinath, Dwarakadesh, Mumbai Mahalakshmi, Somnath, Vrindavan etc, Unnikrishnan was kept next to the main deity in the poojas at that temple. Unnikrishna was carried to all over these places by great Bhagavata Acharyas, Thanthris, Vedic pundits and more..

A map and list of temples reached by Unnikrishnan is below the photos.

“Unnikrishnan” given grand reception at:
27th September

Kottarakkara Ganapathy kshethram: Melshanthi conducted pooja.
Pattazhi Devi Kshetram,Mannadi Devi Kshetram: Grand reception
and pooja by Melshanthi, At the request of local community,
Unnikrishnan was also taken to Kodippura Devi Kshethram and also received in Mannadi
at the Devi Bhagavata Navaham.
Panthalam Ayyappa Kshethram: Melshanthi of temple
did Pooja for Unnikrishnan in the presence of the Royal family who lead the reception.
At Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, devotees attending
the Valla Sadhya made it a point to pay respects to our Unnikrishnan.
Reception and pooja by Melshanti of the temple was done at
Adoor Sri ParathaSarathy Kshethram, Chengannur Siva Kshetram,
Thiruvanvandur Goshalakrishna Kshethram & Thiruvalla Sri Vallabha
At ChakkulathuKavu Devi Kshethram – received our
Unnikrishnan with ChendaMelam and they did pradikshanam of the temple
as they would for the Devi’s Utsavamurthy. Melshanthi did the pooja here as well.26th September
AMBALAMoKKU Sri Krishna Kshethram

garland on the main deity of temple was placed on our Unnikrishnan)
of the 
temple does pooja for Our Unnikrishnan)
did pradikshanam of our UnniKrishnan chanting “Krishnavataram”
almost the same number of devotees witnessed history being made).
Sri Kandeshwara Kshethram:
Sri Varkala JanardhanaSwamy Kshethram:Temple priest does pooja
for our Unnikrishnan 
September 2011
Sri Mookambika Devi Temple – Kollur: On the day of Vinakaya Chathurthi (Sept 1st)
our Unnikrishna was at the Saraswathi Mandapam of Mookambika Devi,
listening to Krishnavatara Parayanam in the presence of the Melshanthi of the temple.
Sri Krishna Temple – Udupi. On the way back from Mookambika Devi temple,
our Unnikrishnan was at Sri Krishna temple of Udupi on Sept 1st.
Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple – Anantapuam – Kasargode. This famous temple
is supposed to be the moola Sthanam of Sri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple of Trivandrum.
On the day of Vinayaka Chathurthi Our Unnikrishnan was
there where Sri Villawamangalam Swamiyar prayed to Sri AnanthaPadmanabha.August 2011
Ayyappan Kavu – Cheruplassery Navaham: 
Unnikrishnan was main deity at
this famous temple. Sri Unnikrishnan Namboodiri (former melshanti of Guruvayur)
did pooja for our Unnikrishnan.
Sri Krishna temple, Sreekrishnapuram – Vaaram: Unnikrishnan was one of the main
deity at the Vaaram (a veda chanting ceremony) held at
this famous temple.
THE Guruvayur temple – Ashtamirohini Sapthaham: Our Unnikrishnan was
one of the main deity at Sri Guruvayurappan’s AshtamiRohini sapthaham.
For the 7 days, at Melpathur Auditorium, thousands of
bhakthas and Bhagavata Acharyas came and prayed and
paid respects.  The 7 acharyas of the 7 day sapthaham where: Meledam Kesavan Namboodiri,
Mechery Hari Namboodiri, Achuthankutty Namboodiri,
Mechery Govindan Namboodiri, Perumbally Kesavan Namboodiri,
Manivarnan Namboodiri, Thattayoor Krishnan Namboodiripad,
Choozhal Krishnan Namboodiripad. During the night Our Unnikrishnan was at Anjam Madhavan Namboodiri’s
Trichambaram Sri Krishna temple:  On Aug 31st, our Unnikrishnan visited the famous Krishna temple
in Kannur district.
Sri RajaRajeshwara temple: Famous Siva temple in Kannur district (Aug 31st).July 2011
Koodalmanikkam Sangameshwara temple – Irinjalakuda
: The journey started
from this temple on July 16th.
Chottanikkara Bhagavathi Temple Sapthaham. Unnikrishnan was one of the main deity at this annual Sapthaham
of the temple from July 17th to July 24th. The Melshanthi of the temple did poojas for our Unnikrishnan.
Sri Krishna temple Rappal
Nandikkara Shiva Temple
Various Bhagavata Acharyas, Melshantis of temples, Spiritual leaders have prayed, done
poojas for our Unnikrishnan. The journey of our Unnikrishnan is being lead
under the guidance of Sri Perumbally Kesavan Namboodiri and other famous
Bhagavata Acharyas from Bhagavata-Yogam. At each of these temples, these Acharyas
rest our Unnikrishan at a place directed by temple officials, conduct prayers and
poojas in the presence of Bhakthas.

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